Questions on Lighting again?

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May 28, 2003
West Chester, PA
I decided I am just gonna get power compact lights because I know I'll want corals down the road. I was wondering if anyone recommends any certain model. I was looking at the Custom Sea Life with the moon fixture. My tank is a 55, so I was planning on getting a
4-65 watt 48 inch compact. Any advice?
Compacts do not actually come in 48" bulbs, only the hoods are the desired tank length. I believe they would be less than 34" in actual bulb length.

As far as other recommended brands you could also look into Coralife fixtures. They are comparable to CSL but should be a fair amount cheaper. I personally have a CSL hood and bulbs with absolutely no complaints.

Before purchasing lighting however, I would urge you to research the many corals available and then decide. Many of the more popular SPS as well as clams will not fair very well under PC type lighting, although contradictorly (that a word) there are certain types that could be kept. :p

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