Questions on the coralife 65 skimmer

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Apr 20, 2008
Findlay, Ohio
Hi guys, another question. I found a really good deal on a coralife super skimmer 65 on ebay for my 55 gal I couldnt pass up. I had gotten it slightly used ( the person selling had said he was upgrading to a bigger tank after 2-3 months of having this one on his tank ). He had cut the clear tubing about an inch and a half so the air intake is about 3 inches below the surface.

My question being - it does get some 'gunk' out - i've had to clean it every few days as normal, but I still have noticed a thin layer of 'film' ontop of my water. I do admit right now I only have one power head on the other side of the skimmer. Do you think adding another powerhead would direct the 'gunk' that way or do I need to do something else? Its working, but I thought i'd have no film on my water at all.. its not BAD, but its there.

Any input appreciated!
That sounds about right for the depth of the pump.

Ziggy said it. Point a ph at the surface to break up the proteins on the surface.
The best way of getting rid of the "gunk" is to have an overflow, either a drilled tank or one with an overflow box. That removes anything from the surface and keeps it looking nice and clean. The power head pointed to the surface will help keep it broken up and not as noticable.
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