quiet filtration for 180 gal?

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Dec 31, 2008
Hi all,
My boyfriend just fired up his brand new 180 gallon fish tank. It's really beautiful but there's just a teeny weeny little problem...I can't hear anything over the VERY LOUD filter system. He hooked up a wet dry filter system and neither one of us can hear each other think...

Anyone out there have a suggestion for a whisper quiet filter system for a tank this large?

Thank you for your help. Please email your response(s) to empathcalif@sbcglobal.net
I've got a 175 gl that I use 2 Rena filters on and I don't hear a thing unless there's air in the impeller.

What is the brand and type of filter you are using.
Is the tank salt of fresh water?

Give us as much info on your tank as you can.
This will give everyone a better chance to help.
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