Quiet, Non-Submersible Pump Recommendations Under £100 / $100?

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Oct 24, 2023
I have a self-contained 10-litre aquarium integrated into a corner of my terrarium. It contains some plants and has a waterfall. A pump circulates the water through a biological/sponge filter and into the waterfall.

My existing 400 litres/minute pump is effective but noisy, particularly in my living room during evenings.

I'm in search of a quiet, non-submersible pump under £100 / $100. I've looked at the Eheim Universal 300 and heard that DC pumps might be quieter. Any suggestions?

PS. I know that £100 isn't $100, but everything is more expensive over here, so what costs $100 in the US generally costs £100 in the UK.
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