Raising ph?

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I'm constantly using different salt mixes. I don't see much variation, but then again, I have a lot of surface area.
You will know the difference if you take readings of each salt water before pouring into your tank and compare them. What do you think dictates the price of each salt mix?
You could. It's not going to hurt you to. I am not sure if this was asked, but do you check your PH at the same time every day? Different times?
I usually check before water changes and I tend to do them when I first turn on my lights or shortly after.
Ph fluctuates. it drops at night when the lights go out and raises throughout the day with the lights on. Testing before your lights are turned on you are likely to get low readings.
I would make sure your Alkalinity is where it needs to be first before trying to change your PH. AK acts as a buffer between the tanks environment and your PH. If your AK is at a healthy level then you shouldn't be seeing swings in your PH reading as the AK will take this instead. Also it's much harder to raise and maintain a higher PH anyways without also having a high AK.
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