Rebuilding 180gal, questions and guidance

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Feb 25, 2019
So I picked up a 180 VIV rimless tank recently but it had a few cracks and I added my own bigger one on the bottom (pictures below).

My idea was to flip the major damaged panel 180 to get the bigger chip on the top and have the minor chip on the bottom. Looking at how the chip is, I would still have a lot of meat for the silicone to adhere to. One of the other concerning chips turns out is on the bottom glass(instead of the side panel I thought it was on). Im hopeful that since ill be resealing that the silicone will fill the space and all will be well.

My questions- Am i crazy thinking this will work? (The flipping the panel and filling in the base crack with silicone during the reseal)

Also- Can I get away with just resealing the panels I took off and cleaned instead of redoing every panel?

Tank construction (15mm thick glass)

Smaller corner chip (wanting to put on bottom seam) [Top left corner to be moved to bottom corner, the the smaller side is pressed against glass]



Biggest chip that will be flipped to the top of the tank


Base (tank is on its side for the pictures) chip. This is the one I hope its ok to just have more silicone to fill the void and hold.


Let me know what you guys think.
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