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Jun 9, 2004
Hi all,

I thought I'd just tell you all about my experiences with these lunar/moon lights..

The good:
1. Fast delivery. Had them within 1.5 weeks from China to Australia.

2. Retailer communication is fantastic. The owner is exceptionally helpful and courteous.

3. Product quality is excellent. It's a polished finish on the metal fixture and wiring it up and getting it working first go was a no brainer. Worked first time.

4. Lighting quality.. I have a 36" tank so it's probably just enough to show the tank off at night, but I think I might get another one for the other side of the tank. Not sure. Brightness is excellent. Very bright.. I just have a relatively wide area to cover and I want to see more at night.

5. Price is excellent I think.

6. There's an alternative model which has three of them in a single fixture.. which I think I should have tried instead.. that's just personal lighting choice though so I can see more.

The bad:
1. They're 110/240v which isn't really a problem if you wire it up right.. just a risk around water for those who may choose to cut corners. Not really worth being labeled "bad" to me though.

2. Nothing more so far.

I'll post some pics before too long once I have it fully rigged up. I'm considering adding a motor to slowly move it across the tank at night so it simulates the moon movement I think.
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