Red hair algae causing snail death?

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Dec 4, 2010
Liverpool, UK
Hi. After battling and winning the war against green hair algae, I've come across another problem....

Red hair algae!!!!

It's much much tougher than the 'nicer' green stuff, and that's saying something!

Firstly, is it common? How do I fight it? I've recently changed both my light tubes to combat any unwanted light that it may be feeding on.

Secondly, this has happened twice now...

A Mexican turbo snail takes a liking to it on a certain reddish rock. Then you can see the snail slowing down. Eventually it dies. As I say, twice this has happened. It could be a coincidence but could it be poisonous?

Thanks for your expert knowledge!!

not familiar wirh red hair algae at all. There is this red slime film... but it appears thats not what u r talking about

what are your parameters? usualy snails are very sensitive to any spikes of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. what is your phos level at? what water are you using? Ro/Di or tap?

I know everybody is always asking for the same things, but its the Alpha and Omega of fishkeeping, that why we bug everybody with it ;)

also, how long are your lights on? what light are u using, how many bulbs, and how big is the tank? what kind of bulbs with what Kalvin rating?!

Ok. My parameters are fine. I very rarely have a death of anything in my tank. I have turbo snails too and they are fine.

I have a RSM 130 and the stock tubes which are two T5 s. They are on from 11 till 7pm. So around 8 hours every day.

This red algae started on one rock and them spread. It's not like the green hair algae that was everywhere, it's more like little patches, especially in nooks and crannies where there is less flow.

Not sure on phos readings but I use RODI water at around 0ppm from my own house and use RSM coral pro salt mix.

Change 25 litres most weeks.
No biggie, same here ;)
What do u mean by normal values? Some ppl think ammonia of 0.5 is ok, or maybe ur salinity is off.
Snails are sensitive and sometimes they just die without a real reason. When they all drop dead, that's when u have a really big problem.

Ur light time seams just fine. Maybe it is, just like u said, just the flow. Maybe add some Emerald crabs, they love stuff like that
Really. I've got one but he's very shy!! Not like my last one. Hardly see him at all.

When I say ok I mean like 0. I try and keep on top of the tank and I know water is the number thing to look after. Salinity is 0.024 and pretty stable although I don't have an auto top up.
I'm between a rock and a hard place. I've done big water changes, changed both my light tubes and renewed all my filter assistants. (purigen and chemipure)

It's killed (or I'm assuming it has) two of my biggest snails and it's -slowly- taking over.

I'm mixing my own water with 0TDI RODI so basically running out of options other than going down a chemical route (which I really don't want to take) or hope it runs itself out. It's so slow growing and resilient, I don't think it will!
I don't know if mine red hair or turf mine not that bad just one rock really
I heard that mine is in the lower flow areas saving for a mp40
I've got an mp10 and to be honest, all of my flow problems were cured! Mines only a 50 gallon though.

On a day to day basis I have it set to about 30% of max then occasionally give it a 100% blast!
Not all no. I have an all in one - a Red Sea Max 130 so there are also two pumps (powerheads) that assist with the filtration.

Gettin the MP 10 definitely helped. They are expensive but versitile.
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