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Feb 10, 2011
I'm battling redslime it is slowly but surely over running my tank gonna tank a few years to over run my tank that how slow it growing but I need help to kill it
Need more info. How old is the tank? What's in the tank? What are your current measurements (specifically nitrates, nitrites, and too just for good measure)? How many hours a day do you have light on the tank? Also, along with what livestock you have, just how much and how often are you feeding?

Battles with algae are not uncommon, ESPECIALLY in newly assembled tanks...I myself went through a red slime phase followed closely by a nasty green hair phase...solution for me was water change, water change, water change, and reducing the amount of daylight I had hitting the tank.
I recommend polyfilters that's what i used to get rid of my red slime also cut down your lighting to like 8 hours a day
All my lvls good ammo 0 rites 0 rates 1 ph 8.2-8 my lights on for 8 hrs my tank a year old 60 gallons got blue cheeky goby ,clown , yellow tang small , regal tang small and a black and White damsel and 20 snails , 10 hermits , 2 shrimps does this help I also running bio pearls
And I feed maybe 3 - 4 times a week and I have just over come a massive green hair algae attack now this red ****
Is that what it called where can I buy it from is it available in uk
You need to check the phosphates, but that will probably show 0 as well. Try feeding every other day and doing a 15g water change every week for a couple months, or adding a phosban reactor or turf scrubber. Cyanobacteria is a tough booger to get rid of, but any of those three things will help eliminate it, the chemical stuff will kill it but it may grow back due to the cause not being fixed.
Yep phos 0 rates 1 I can't add a truf scubber on this tank I running bio pearls in my reactor
wonder if you could run phosban instead. Heard it was some pretty stout stuff. Overdriving the tank maintenance for a whilewill help out as well. That's all i know personally, it'll take alot of time to kill it off.
I don't think it really growing At all just a few patches
Same problem... Slow battle that was taking over. No matter how many water changes I did and shortening light hours, it would come back within 1-2 days. My LFS sold me "ultra life red slime remover" best stuff I ever used. 12 hours in I saw a difference, 24-36 hours it was ALL GONE. I had this stuff all over live rock and sand. I couldn't believe that's all it took this whole time.
yes. i have just looked and it can be bought from i am not sure were in uk you are but dobbies garden centres up north are the best place to get anything marine (just check because odd one don't have aquatics) can be slightly more expensive from dobbies than if you find local lfs who supply it.
Keep in mind that often times phosphates read zero because the algae is uptaking the nutrients (and growing) giving you a false zero reading.

Phosphates are being introduced into the tank somewhere. From food, water changes, etc.

Eliminate those and the red slime will die.
So phosphate testing is unless then ? And I think I got it under control just need something to tip me over the edge. I think it was from my skimmer being blokes for 2-4 weeks
So phosphate testing is unless then ? And I think I got it under control just need something to tip me over the edge. I think it was from my skimmer being blokes for 2-4 weeks

I don't think testing phosphates is worthless, but it may not be helpful in finding the problem.

Also, using like an API test kit isn't going to find the really low readings of phosphates which can also contribute to algae growth.

If I see algae, i figure i have phosphates and take action to reduce them.
Make sure you look around for any 'pockets' of crud laying around the tank ( usea turkey baster to blast rocks, etc) I found a lot if hidden junk wit hmy water flow not being great.. that once I started to get rid of it, it slowly went away ( or diminished a lot at least)
this is the stuff I used, I have no idea if you can get it in the UK but it's available in Canada. Check with your local store...

Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Clean Saltwater Conditioner Red Slime Remover | PetFoodDirect

I treated my tank once and in 2 days it was completely gone. Not just dead, it actually dissapears. You're skimmer will go nuts for a few days though so keep a real good eye on it, I had to empty it evey hour for a day or two.
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