reef + halogen = bad?

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Jun 26, 2006
College Station, Texas
Can somebody tell me the cons of using a couple 150w halogen lights along with 2 65w compact fluorescent actinic bulbs

as opposed to using the 2 65w actinic lights with metal halides

(I'm curious because of the vast price difference)
Halogens are less efficient than metal halides. To get the same PARs (light output) from halogens, you'd need more wattage than you would from MH. And with that extra wattage comes even MORE heat.

I also believe the dime-a-dozen halogens are the wrong color for what you really want. They'll be more on the yellow spectrum.
Yes halogens generate allot of heat and you can't get the K value up into the spectrum that is needed for corals.
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