reef ready tanks?

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Dec 20, 2005
camarillo ca
I think I am going to sell my 80g and get a 100 g reef ready. I am sick of trying to find someone to drill my tank and I dont want to risk breaking my whole tank. I would rather at this point just get a reef ready tank predrilled. How much would it a 100g reef ready cost? I am expecting 4-5 hundred.
One of the stores around here wanted $450 for a 120gallon reef ready tank. I believe $200 something for the stand. Not bad... not sure if the price would differ between kansas and there but... Call around to all the good LFS in your area and ask them how much it would be.
When I was tank-shopping a month or two ago, and trying to decide between a 75g, a 90g, and a 120g, I found the 120 was substantially more expensive (much more than the price difference between the 75 and 90). The fact that it had 2 overflows instead of just 1 like the 75 and 90 may have been a factor. I don't remember the exact pricing, but I think the 75 was about $250, the 90 around $300, and the 120 was close to $500.

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