Refugium Plant bulb?

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Feb 8, 2008
Ok , so I am having a bit of a hard time finding a light bulb for my refugium. The ones that Home Depot has don't seem to be enough light. they all seem to be around 1500k at most. Now, maybe that is fine, but from what I have been reading, 5000k or 6000k would be the best option.
I have no experience growing indoor plants before, so I really have no idea how much light they require or how much everyone uses. I did see that a few stores sell "Plant lights" They looks like a flood light, but sometimes the end is blue. All they really say is, great for growing indoor plants. I cannot find any kind of ratting on them though, as far as light spectrum and power goes.

Anyone know anything about these? Good, bad?

Anyone know a place that is not online that sells flood light type bulbs in the range of 6000k?

Thanks guys
The bulbs that are called "Daylight" bulbs at Home Depot are usually 6000K or so. They don't work very well for lighting a room IMO, but they are great for tanks. I use the coiled CFL daylight bulbs in all my FW tanks.
Agreed, anything between 5000K and 10000K will work. you should be able to find something rather easily in the 6000K range. That will give you the best growth.
I also use the CFL Daylight bulb for my fuge. I've been using this bulb for a little over a year now and the growth of my Macro is amazing. You should be able to find the bulb at Home Depot or Lowes.
Wow! That's a bright lightbulb! When I first saw that, I was thinking it was a 65W equivalent bulb, which is somewhere around 13W. Then I read the actual linked page, and realized that it's a 500W equivalent! Is that much light not a problem? I know nothing about SW, but it just amazes me that anyone would use that much light.
The light I have is bright enough to light my entire livingroom. My Chaeto doubles about every week or 2. The light also distributes practically no heat and I leave it on 24/7 with no major evaporation issues.
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