rena vs. fluval

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Feb 26, 2006
Grand Haven, MI
does anyone have both? i want to know which is quietest. i'm looking at either an xp2 or the 404 for my 55gal. i love my emperor 400, but with the a.c. on too... there's an awful lot of white noise in my living room... i've looked into both filters and i think functionality is pretty even between them, so it really comes down to which makes the least amount of noise.
I run both types of filters on my tanks. I have a 404 and a XP-2 on my 80, a XP-2 on my 46 and a XP-3 on my 50. I can not hear either filter unless there is a little air trapped in it after service. I must admit though that I do have a slight loss of hearing so whether or not I would hear it if I had better hearing I do not know. 2 of the 3 tanks are set up in the spare bedroom and we have quite a few visitors that stay the night and none have ever complained about the noise.

On the other hand I do find the Renas easier to service though. They are both straight forward to service, but I find the removal and repacement of the tops much easier on the Renas.The Renas also have recesses built in to the tops to carry them when cleaning.The Fluvals do not.
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