Rena XP2 quite noisy.

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Dec 25, 2006
Queens, NY
I am new to canister filters and have a newbie question. I put in some new media today (bio balls and filter floss) and am having some difficulties. When you push down the quick disconnect lever, air should start rushing out of the spray bar, right? Or no?

I am asking this because, when I do it to mine, nothing happens at all. Then, after two minutes, when I turn the filter back on, air is coming out of the spray bar. There is in fact water coming out, but a lot of air is visible as well. Everything is tight, or at least I think so. Is this not priming correctly, or am I just an idiot?
If the canister is empty when you push the quick disconnect lever down, then the inflow of water "priming" the tubing and the actual canister will force air out through the spraybar until the canister is full. If you're just doing maintenance and don't empty the canister, you probably won't get much if anything when you first open the valve on the quick disconnect. However, because you did have it open, an air pocket will form at the top that may not get pressed out with just reconnecting the quick disconnect, but when the pump starts working it will slowly get rid of the captured air.

I think everything you're seeing is normal, and you shouldn't worry. While the air coming out is ugly to look at, it shouldn't last more than an hour or so generally, depending on how much air got in the canister when you had it open.
Alright, thank you always :). I'll wait a bit to see if the air decreases.
No problem.

If it doesn't decrease after a while, you've likely got an air leak somewhere.

Something you can do to speed the process along is to "rock" the canister a little bit. Just tip it back and forth and side to side while it's pumping. This can force the air bubble into the main flow and get it out quicker.
I agree, when I clean mine out, it spews out a ton of bubbles, for about 10-20 minutes or so.
Im back, lol. the air coming out of the filter has greatly decreased, but the impeller is pretty darn loud. I thought it could be from air maybe? Should I unplug and then lift the latch again?
One thing to check. Open the top of your tank and listen for the sound of air being sucked into the intake along the top connections. Mine was making a bunch of noise from air getting into it and spewing bubbles for an unusual amount of time. Once I noticed the sound coming from inside the tank, I tightened the connection and it stopped shortly thereafter. Hope it helps!
The bubbles stopped. Only the impeller is still louder than it should. I've been told it just has to break in.
I am a complainer when it comes to noise, of almost anything. It could just be me, but I am not certain..

After I added my new media on Monday, my XP2 has been rather loud. It isn't a humming, but more of a motor noise so I am assuming it is the impeller. I have read where people say that it needs to break in over a few weeks, but mine was near silent the first and second day I had it. Then it began to get loud...If you have ever owned a loud HOB (such as a Penguin) it is as loud as that, at times even louder. Has anyone on here had a similar experience, where the impeller actually had to break in for the filter to become as quit as reviewers say? I have spoken to several people, and when they first bought theirs, it was quiet as can be. If sand/pieces of rock (my rocks crumble, and after a PWC, little crumb sized pieces are left floating) got into the impeller, would a cleaning of the entire impeller and entire area where it sits do the trick? On Monday night I rinsed the magnetic piece, but there is no noticeable difference, so I may not have cleaned enough.. Thanks, and sorry to be a complainer :). I only complain because the filter is in my room.
I just picked up a used XP3 and it is really noisy too. It is a loud hum or vibration coming from the unit. I think there is a leak in the O ring causing air to get in so I ordered a new one from their website. With the parts and shipping I barely saved any money at all from buying new :(
I just setup an XP2 on my 29g and at first it was really noisy and sounded like a HOB does when its trying to take in more would do that ever few minutes. I watched the tubing and found that large air bubbles were going into the filter. I moved the intake tubing around to kind of straighten it out and it still did that. But, after a couple days it is now quiet like my others.

Have you tried moving the tubing around a bit (obviously you can't move it much...)?

What all media do you have in it? Sometimes when I would put too much in my XP3s they would be noisy. ;)

Sorry I can't be of more help.
I have a lot of bio balls, my blue foam from my Penguin filter cartridge, the bio wheel cloth thing, filter floss, the white foam pads and those big black foam pads. I have the stuff from my Penguin in for now so that I don't get rid of my bacteria.

It all started to get loud after I put the media in, so I don't know what I should take out...I have not moved around my tubes, I don't have much maneuvering space :)
I took out the bio balls. Still noisy, but less impeller noise than before. Maybe something is still vibrating? I am going to try and adjust a few things.
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