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Feb 19, 2007
Here's what I found below $4/gal. Anyone know of any better sources? For aquariums over 36" long, the cost includes $140 shipping. For petsmart, the cost includes 5% tax.

Gal Cost Cost/gal Source Acr Dims (Outer) Other
10 $8 $0.80 Petsmart N 20x10.5x12 1/4/07 sale
10 $10 $1.00 Petsmart N 20x10.5x12 1/4/07 sale
10 $11 $1.10 Petsmart N 20x10.5x12 Plain
20 $28 $1.40 Petsmart N Special Negot Price
20 $29 $1.45 Petsmart N Plain
29 $51 $1.76 PetCo N TBD Sale
55 $104 $1.89 PetCo N 48x13x20 Sale
20 $38 $1.90 PetCo N TBD Sale
55 $113 $2.05 GlassCages N 48x12.5x21 Est shp@$25+.5/gal
55 $126 $2.29 Petsmart N 48x12x20.5 w 2 Eclipse 18" hoods w bulbs
40 $94 $2.35 PetCo N 36x18x16 Sale
29 $73 $2.52 GlassCages N 30x12.5x17 Est shp@$25+.5/gal
120 $316 $2.63 PetSmart N 60x26x18 Black w 2 Eclipse hoods w bulbs sale
29 $77 $2.66 Petsmart N 24x12x19 Hood&blb
125 $346 $2.77 Petsmart N 48x25x24.75 Too wide
75 $210 $2.80 Petsmart N 48x18x21 w hood&lite
55 $158 $2.87 Petsmart N 48x13x21
33 $95 $2.88 GlassCages N 35x18x13 Special. 1.5" hole in bottom
120 $346 $2.88 PetSmart N 60x26x18 Black w 2 Eclipse hoods w bulbs
10 $29 $2.90 Petsmart N 20x10.5x12 Cheap incand hood no bulb
20 $58 $2.90 Petsmart N Hood, filt, net, food
81 $240 $2.96 BstPetSup Y 28x15x24
135 $410 $3.04 GlassCages N 72x18x24 Est shipping
20 $61 $3.05 GlassCages N 24x12.5x17 Est shp@$25+.5/gal
28 $89 $3.18 Petsmart N 24x12x19 Eclipse w bulbs
300 $990 $3.30 GlassCages N 96x24x31 Est shipping
75 $260 $3.47 GlassCages N 48x18x21
75 $260 $3.47 GlassCages N 60x12.5x25 Special
150 $525 $3.50 Petsmart N 48x24x30 Oak w 2 Eclipse hoods w bulbs 2tall?
120 $440 $3.67 GlassCages N 48x24x25
10 $37 $3.70 Petsmart N 20x10.5x12 Kit 1 - Hood w incand blbs, ext filt, etc.
28 $105 $3.75 Petsmart N 24x12x19 Kit 2 - Canopy, 24" strplght, bulb, etc.
28 $105 $3.75 Petsmart Stand Stand
36 $136 $3.78 PetCo N Sale ends 11/1 CASCO says 48x24x30
100 $380 $3.80 GlassCages N 72x18x17
240 $940 $3.92 GlassCages Y 96x24x24 Est shipping
15 $59 $3.93 GlassCages N 20x10x17 Est shp@$25+.5/gal
20 $79 $3.95 Petsmart N 24x13x17 w internal filt
1. A glass tank. I spent too much on a 72 gal acrylic bowfront
2. Tanks big enough for a small ecosystem, but small enough to have space in the house for several fry tanks. I have concluded that 5 gal is too small, 10 gal is borderline, and 20 gal is enough. I'm intrigued by the 15 gal high form factor right now. I don't have any, but it looks promising.
3. A huge fabulous show tank >72 gal, but not so heavy it will crash through the floor.
Get one used, check craigslist, PennySaver, your local paper, e-bay. This larger than your looking for but there is a 240gal tank with stand, hood, filters, pumps, for $500 on Sacramento Craigslist.
I have a 72g bow but mine is glass. I have found that shapes other then square/rectangle are more expensive. When you start getting into tanks larger then 75g you are looking at a LOT more weight! I guess it depends on where in the house you are planning on putting the tank as to how large you can go.
I checked craigslist in my area. There were lots of adds by people selling specially fixed up tanks they wanted a mint for. There were a few adds by people selling old stuff like metal framed tanks. Not much in between.
itafx - Keep checking it, do a search for fish tanks, fishtank, fishtanks, aquariums, aquariums in the for sale area. You'll find a decent tank for a great price, and snatch it up before someelse does.
Another source of inexpensive tanks and equipment is aquarium society auctions (some of it brand new). At our big auction in November, A 55 with glass tops, wrought iron stand, and light went for $29.00. The sad reality is that people can ask whatever they want for used equipment, but rarely get it. There is a high turnover rate in this hobby, and used equipment is always available. If I'm buying new, I wait for boxing week,when Big Al's sells brand new 55s for $60 and 75s for $90. That is in Canadian dollars, for tanks manufactured in the US (Marineland or AGA).
Thanks. Did yo mean I didn't see any tanks except tiny ones there.
you could also check the buy, sell & trade forums of sites like this. Unfortunately after I purchased my tank I saw quite a few used systems on sale for reasonable prices.
itafx said:
Thanks. Did yo mean I didn't see any tanks except tiny ones there.

Big Al's brick and mortar stores. They bring in tons of tanks for boxing week, and everything in the store is pretty much discounted. They are sort of a cross between a LFS and a big box, but devoted to aquaria. Around here, they are the best fish store, as far as selection goes.
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