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Jul 2, 2007
Is the Rio+ 2500 to powerful for a 55 gallon?? It pumps like 782gph or something like that.
Used to be the rio's had a bad habit of burning up. I prefer using Mag Drive Pumps which can be used as a submerged or external pump.
mags are pretty heavy though, if your gonna suction it to the glass i'd go for the rio (id get some better cups though, rio's provided cups are 100000% worthless)

mags last about 2x as long as rios but also cost 2x as much, so *shrug*

CA pumps are cheapo both in quality and price lol.
That I dont know but i'd imagine it might be... i have a CA 2300 along with a Wave2K machine and my tank is full of crazy currents. That CA2300 reaches the other side of the tank no problem, and its 72 inches long
I also would suggest the mag pumps. Better quality and good prices online at the good doctors. It should be enough flow. If you feel it is too much once you get it going then have the flow deflecting off walls and corners to cut back a little of it. I`m moving this to the appropiate forum. General Hardware and equipment discussion.
Assuming you are talking about a powerhead for circulation and not a sump pump, like a Mag, then it sort of depends on what you plan on keeping. The Rio won't be too much for LPS's or softies as long as they aren't positioned directly in front of it. If you plan on having any SPS's, one isn't enuff.
I personally recommend the new Hydor Koralias. You get a real nice WIDE flow as opposed to the strong narrow flow from a normal powerhead. I have 2 Koralia 3's (850 gph) and a RIO 600 (200 gph) for circulation in my SPS dominated 75.
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