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Jun 11, 2003
Massachusetts usa
hey everyone so i am in the massachusetts area and have been topping off my tank with regular tap water,. now usualy i let it sit for a day but sometimes there is no time. but anywho i want my reef to strive so i think its time for a ro/di system

i was thinking since i dont have a cold water outlet cept for outside and it freezes in the winter i was thinking of having a 30 gallon trash barrel as my holding tank and run the tap through a pump through a ro/di unit and into the barrel for storage to fill and top off my tank and for water changes how does that sound? any ideas on what kind of pump? could i just take regular garden hose for ro/di interface and cut the other end and affix to to my pump ?
Using a garden hose IMO is not a good idea because of what there made of.
Not sure I am following what you want to do>
Do you have a washing machine in the house? If so there is your water hook up.
You cna tap into a copper water pipe in the house, they have a saddle clap water hook up for this.. You have room under a sink for a ro/di?
there are many ways to hook these units up.
i have room under the sink for one but what about a holding tank ? or just each time i want to fill just turn on the valve ? and fill into a 5 g bucket ?

ok ok i just scoped out the sink area its doable. now i just turn the valve to open and it goes through the ro/di and then out and into my bucket now how do i treat for salinity just mix before tank insert ?

just finding the most cleanest healthiest way to replenish my tank thanks !

i also have a sump with uv and protein skimming 10 gallon under tank
If you bought a RO unit with a solenoid on it (auto shut-off) then you can plumb the output line to a rubbermaid tub of desired size and install a float valve ($20) that will shut your RO off after the tub is full (you can buy an add-on solenoid if your's doesn't have one). Then all you need to do is dip a jug into it for top-offs and when you need to do water changes, you can dump it into another tub for mixing (or use a small powerhead) .

Ideally, if you can swing it, route another line from the RO (split with a T fitting) to the tanks' sump and put a float valve in that. then you don't need to worry about top-offs, they're done for you automatically and keep your system at a constant water level.

I fill up a 32 gal rubber maid garbage can and mix my water in there. Mix water and bring up to temp and proper salinity for at least 24 hours before adding to tank.
I also have a 55 gal barrel filled with top off water. I now everyone does not have room for this, just letting you know what I do. I run phwer heads in both tubs for circulation.
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