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Jul 23, 2005
Kalamazoo, MI
How do RO/DI systems connect to the faucet?

I live in a student rental house that we are moving out of in August. I was wondering how easily a RO/DI unit can attach to the existing faucet, are there plumbing changes that need to be made?


I just run a garden hose t with valves where my washer is.... works great. I just put my discharge tube in the drain for the washer.
degbowl, is that unit RO and DI?

how much did they charge you for the adapter? and where do you add the adapter in for the sale?

It is a RO/DI. If you look in the auction there is a picture of the optional faucet adapter. You just add $5 to the final payment.
I have a question . the ro/di system has a ratio of 4:1 meaning that for every 4 gallons of water 1 gallon it makes is good. is this correct ?> and if it is thats a lot of waste water could you plub the wastewater to cycle back to the intake ?
I never thought about it. I know you could connect the waste line to another filter to filter it again. I always wondered if I could use the waste water for drinking or other household use. I could probably use it in my fw tanks since I usually use tap water and add prime to it. If you wanted to save the waste water I am sure you could use it for something.
YOu can buy units meant for hoojup under the sink or if you get a coralife unit or simillar then you can easily just connect it to the faucet.
This is the adapter that I got for my kitchen faucet. I remove the existing aerator and replace it with a garden hose adapter from Home Depot. This adapter screws onto that. Takes less than a minute to change the connection.
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