RO/DI Readings

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Mar 21, 2006
How long should it take to see TDS meter readings to drop? I have the 100 GPD RO/DI unit.

Did you ever figure out how to read a TDS with your meter? Once you process 5 gal you should have 0 readings or very close to it.
tecwzrd said:
Did you ever figure out how to read a TDS with your meter?
Kind of, I assume, if there is a number, than I have DOCs.
When you mean process 5G, does that mean runinng the water until 5G gp thru it? This unit has a tank, so will that be considered "processing"?
Yes, the first 5 gal is wasted with most ro/di. After that it should be good to go. I think your particular TDS meter is going to give you some kind of number even if it is perfect. I'm only familiar with the cheap $20 TDS that gives 0 readings if pure.
Cool, I'll run the water for a bit and post some readings. BTW, it took them almost 2.5 hours to hook it up at $83/hour. I can't imagin how long it would have taken me! LOL!
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