RO DI system on ebay

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Nov 22, 2003
Long Island NY
Here is a link.

I just want a small system that I can attatch to my faucet when I need it. Is this system enough for what I need? I am only doing a 25 gal FOWLR. I see there are other auctions he has for extra parts for the filter. Will I end up spending alot of money by the time I buy everything I need? I already purchased an aquarium pharm. di unit. I would just sell it if I end up buying another unit. Plmk if this is a good deal or not. Thanks!
I would not recommend this unit. It is only a 2 stage. From what I have read you need at least a 3 stage prefferable a 5 stage system. I bought a 6 stage unit 125g/day for the same price.

Good Luck,
Here is the link of the item I bought. The transaction went without a hitch.

Where on Long Island are you? I live in Shirley. It is nice to know there is a fellow AA Junkie close by. Any suggestions on a good lfs. I usually go to Pets warehouse. I dislike BTJ's and have been to Billy Bobs in huntington as well as Brians in Yaphank. Billy Bobs was nice but they only have fw fish. Brians was nice too but I did not like there sw selection.

I live in East Rockaway. It's a small town in nassau county on the south shore. I work in valley stream which is about 5 minutes away from East Rockaway. I go to Pets Warehouse sometimes too. I went to pets warehouse and selmers pet land yesterday. I was looking for BTJ's but did it burn down? Where is Billy Bobs and Brians located? My favorite LFS by far is Aquarium Adventure. It is located in Carle Place. It would be probably be around 1/2 hr drive for you, but well worth it. Here is a link to their website. . You can't buy anything on the site, but you can see where the store is and see pictures of the store. Very healthy fish and a huge selection. For $6 buy their year membership. You get 25 - 50 % off fish and 10% off supplies. It pays for itself in one trip.
Thanks for the link.

I am very familiar with NC. I work there and used to live in Levittown. BTJ's did burn down but they reopened a little further east on the south side of Sunrise Hwy. It is small and cramped. Billy Bobs(I think that is the name) is on Jericho Tpke just west of Deer Park Ave in Huntington. Brian's is on Yaphank/Middle Island rd in Yaphank. This may be a tough one to find. If you want to ge there LMK and I will get you specific directions as well as the address. I will defrinately check out Aquarium Adventure. I enjoy going "shopping" at new lfs to check them out. My wife does that at the mall! :D

Thanks and Good Luck,

P.S. Any good clubs around the Island?
I have never joined any clubs. I know when I walk into aquarium adventure they have a small bulletin board with clubs listed on it. I will have to look one day. I'm going "shopping" this morning. Occasionaly I drive into queens to check out a couple of stores. I'm going to Fishtown USA and Northern Aquarium. Both of them in Flushing. If I see anything good I will let you know. Thanks again!
Do you have any links to a basic RO unit? I would have to have the water that comes out of the RO unit go directly into the DI unit.
There are a bunch of systems on ebay. I don't see any offhand that don't come with the DI, but they're VERY cheap anyway. you could try contacting the vendor, as I know that sells things individually.

Or you could just get a 2nd DI
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