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Mar 21, 2006
Ok, I was looking at these at Lowes, this weekend. There were only two models there. I think they were whirlpool. My question, do they all come with the extra facet, or can I get the kind that will run straight to my facet?
What is a decent brand/model?
How often would I have to change/replace filters/media, or what ever they use?
I'm on the fence as to weather I want to get one or not. I haven't had any problems out of my well. I will test phosphates tonight from my tap. If there are none or very low, should I even consider getting one?
I have seen a couple with three "filters"? or two...I assume, more are better?
What is a good price range?
I understand there are all kinds out there, so I would want to go with the best one.

Most come with the extra faucet, so you don't get stuck using RO/DI water to wash your hands, wash dishes, etc.

There are different 'stages' you can get. a 2-unit piece may only be a carbon filter and an ro membrane. or it may combine the membrane around the carbon filter, then have a secondary DI phase. or a 3-piece would have all 3 split out and be the most filtering you can get.

Then you have output...10gallons per day? 50? The higher the value the higher the price.

is this for a SW tank or FW? Unless you have awful water, FW should not need RO/DI. And before RO/DI, many, many many people kept SW tanks without any problems. Point is, if nothing appears broken, don't start fixing...
Cool, thanks so much. I don't have any problems from my well water. I have a SW tank, just had a huge cyano bloom and some hair algae popping up, I think it might have been due to going from my canopy CO to the T5 lighting.

Point is, if nothing appears broken, don't start fixing...
I totally agree with this.

Thanks for saving me the money. I was in the store and had some money in my pocket and it started itching! LOL!! Now I can spend it on more important things for my tank, or maybe buy another tank! LOL!!

Thanks again!
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