RO Filter for Ammonia?

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Nate C

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Aug 16, 2004
Portland, Oregon
I have been monitoring my new tank (I have 70lbs of uncured rock in there since last saturday) and my ammonia levels are as expected quite high. Been hovering around 5.0.

Today just for grins I thought I'd test both my sink tap water and the water as it comes out of my R0 filter.

Tap water 0.5
RO filtered water 0.25

Is this acceptable? Should I take the filter back to the LFS?

Thanks in advance.

Nate C
what kind of ammonia test kit are you using? some brands are known to read false positive when no ammonia is present (SeaChem total ammonia can be overly sensitive).
Also, nessler based test kits will read ammonium (fairly harmless) as ammonia.
Marine Lab / Red Sea Kit

Its the Marine Lab (Red Sea) nh3/nh4 kit (11 drops of solution A, then 4 drops of B, then 4 drops of C then wait 15 minutes)
Sounds like you got either a bad test kit or you got some nasty water. there shouldnt be ammonia after the RO process.

Can you have your LFS confirm your results?

I will take it down to the lfs today. I bought the filter and the test kit at the same location - - - - so hopefully they will hook me up.
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