RO membrane

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Mar 15, 2004
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At the swap my cousin picked up an RO membrane. It was new, but not in any packaging. When we hooked it up, no water came out thru the membrane. 100% of the water was rejected and came out the waste line.
Every RO membrane I ever bought came sealed in an airtight bag. This 1 was not. Can a membrane dry out? We even put the old membrane back in and that 1 worked.
I think so too, but can't really find out any info about it. I posted on RC and haven't got an answer there either.

Get in touch with Marc Levenson on RC. Melev is his ID there. He has a forum all to himself about RO/DI units. I'm pretty sure he will be able to answer you question.
Or drop an email to your manufacturer (or any probably) for some insight. The company that made mine has answered multiple (highly intelligent) questions from me. I hate diagrams with no verbiage !!!
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