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Memphis Whale

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Dec 26, 2014
I have 2 juvenile Sailing Tangs coming in the mail. I am going to quarantine them in a 20 gallon tank for now.Then they'll go in my 135 gal tank.Do you think they will try to kill each other ?
They will be a fatality through this process. If it isn't in qt, it will be in the display. Though a large tank, it still isn't big enough to have two of these guys.

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I'd sure keep a very close eye on them in QT. If they happen to get along while in there, they will probably do okay in a 120 for a while, but as Hank pointed out, Sailfins get huge and aren't going to work long term.

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Thanx for the tip....I took my Yellow Tang I caught him so quick is a true miracle! He swimmed right into my net.I didnt want to risk any deaths.....thanx again

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will these be the only tangs? If you have any others I already in there I suspect you will have your hands full. two tangs that are identical almost always will fight. You may get lucky though. Even tangs that are slightly similar fight, like if they have the same color or the same shape. I've gotten somewhat lucky in that my tangs dont fight. I have a hippo, yellow, tomini and one that looks like a mustard tang. The mustard one and the tomini are very similar in shape and coloring too. I consider that luck that they get along. I do have a 6 foot tank and provided LOTS and LOTS of hidey holes for each fish to call their own. That would be my best recommendation, make sure they have plenty of places to run to in order to escape aggression. And as was stated above, the long term issue still has to be ironed out as they will get huge, too huge for your tank. I;ve seen small tangs fight and it's horrible, but big ones? That could be a literal bloodbath.
Thanks Carey:) I ordered two of them just in case one of them wouldnt make the shipment from Florida to Texas.Ive got alot of hiding places in my tank too.Ill keep a close eye on them.Theyre both juveniles so Im hoping theyll get along ,if not Ill get rid of one .

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Got my fish from saltwaterfish .com today.They all arrived dead:-( They ended up giving me my refund.
I ended up buying a Sailfin Tang at Petco for dirt cheap.What an awesome fish!!!
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