Salifert KH/Alk test kit

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Feb 6, 2009
I have the above mentioned test kit and it has an Alkalinity check solution in a small bottle but the instructions don't say how to use it. does anyone have any idea how to use it?
Use the solution instead of tank water and run the test as normal. The solution will give you a reading of 8.1 dKH. Look on the test solution bottle and it will show the dKH of that solution since I'm not 100% sure they all say 8.1. But whatever it says, that's what the test will show.
I did a test just now of the 110g tank and the KH/alk were way off. It's higher than it should be but what I don't understand is I did a PWC yesterday and one today and it's still outrageously high. How can I get it down to NSW(8.1-8.3)?
my Sg is 1.025, NO3 is 5-10(it's hard to tell with the API test kist and the lights that I have in the room.),ph is 8.4.
I just tested my batch of SW the SG is 1.028, CA 440,kh 14.7!,Alk 5.26! I used a Sera test kit for the Ca and a Salifert test kit for the KH/ALk. I forgot to mention that I'm using Reef Crystals salt mix. Is the salt mix causing the problems? Should I mix up the bucket before I use it to throughly mix the salt incase it settled?
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Did you do a test with the solution? Did your test result match the dKH printed on the bottle?
kh 14.7!,Alk 5.26!
dKH is your alk those are the same reading. 14.7 dKH = 5.25 meq/l
Are you adding any buffers? That alk is high...unusually high for RC alone.

I just caught this...
SG is 1.028
Are you using a refractometer? That is a little high. The higher the SG, the higher all the parameters will be.
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Yes, I used the test bottle and got 8.1. I haven't added any buffers. I just got done using AZ-NO3 when I did the water changes. Yes I'm using a refractometer. I made the second PWC a little high since my SG in the tank was a little low. I usually try to make it 1.025.
I purchased a Sera kH test kit to verify my reading with the salifert kit. the Sera kit gave me a dkh of 15! I'm going to get a food grade container to see what happens.
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