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Sep 23, 2013
Mulberry, FL
Hi, all!

Great to have a spot to troll for information and advice!

I'm Ed, I live in Mulberry, Florida. Just got a new place and now have room to resurrect my 26-gallon All-Glass bowfront, which used to be a freshwater tank for everything from school-fair prize goldfish to cichlids to guppies to ghost shrimp. Had to retire it when I moved previously due to no space in the old apartment. New plans: to use as much of my existing equipment as possible to start a reef tank, fish first, just to make sure I'm not going to kill anything before I start some easy corals to build my experience. I have a decent new reef lighting system and a closed glass lid, and my old Marineland 200 filter that I want to make use of.

I'll be digging around on for startup information to make the best choices in my efforts to make sure that the kids don't have to attend a Clownfish toilet funeral anytime soon.

Please feel free to send me any links or useful information; I will read everything and appreciate your help!



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