Sea Basket Starfish

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Oct 25, 2002
I have a 2-yr-old aquarium. Two days ago I added a really cool Sea Basket Starfish. He was very active when I put him in the tank, and steadfastly made his way to the airhose on my protein skimmer where he has been ever since. Today I coaxed him off the airhose & placed him on a rock. Within an hour he was wrapped back around the air hose. Is this normal or indicative of a unhappy camper? Is there anything I can do to help him?
learning the hard way

Eeks, I posted a question about my Sea Basket Starfish the other day, and since then I'm reading about everyone elses problems with starfishes. I just added the Sea Basket to the tank a few days ago and he's just wrapped himself around an airhose & refuses to come out. Now after reading all the other posts I realize just how sensitive these creatures are. I had a marble starfish awhile ago who flourished in my tank (until after about one year when he suddenly shrank and died, that is). I didn't realize they needed so much extra care (longer acclimation, etc.). I sure hope my Sea Basket survives my ignorance.

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I don't know very much about these starfish, but I do not believe basket stars suffer from the same acclimation problems that Linckia stars do. That star doesn't look too well though. Are you feeding it? Have you done any research on the star?

Check out this article in Aquarium Frontiers about basket stars in the home aquarium.
Thank you, Kevin. That article was the most and best information I've received on the Sea Basket. I have not fed it yet, but I will tonight. Now that I've learned that the rolled-up state that it's in is natural in the day, I will focus on feeding. Thank you again for your help!
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