Seaclone 100 mod

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Apr 4, 2004
**Im aware that I should throw the skimmer in the**

Ive had my fowlr 38 gal running for about 5 months. My skimmer hasnt collected once! I have been reading this:

Reef Central Online Community - MOD seaclone skimmer

I got a new brass airflow adjuster like one of the posters did. And I still cant get it to collect. The best I can do is get the thing to make a lot of noise and the intake fills with foamy water giving me some hope that maybe something will happen. Any ideas?
I didn't read that thread, but I am pretty familiar with skimmer mods. Putting an air valve on it will only decrease the amount of air the pump pulls. You want to do the opposite....get more air into the skimmer. The easiest way is to "mesh mod" the impellor on the pump and open up the air intake. Once you are pulling more air you can try the air valve...if the skimmer pulls too much air.
SO I opened the valve all the way and slowly closed hour by hour until it finally started collecting. This morning I woke up to a large container of brown water. The only thing that is weird is that the skimmer spits out tons of mini bubbles which cover half my tank. Is this normal?
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