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Jan 30, 2012
Well, after 8 months or so, I have to sell everything. All my stuff. With moving, promotion and a family on the way, I just don't have the time anymore. I was able to give my livestock to a friend so I will be able to see the little guys but all the equipment will have to be sold. Not asking for much and have it priced fairly. I will take offers, PM me or post if interested in anything. Items do not include shipping. Shipping fees will be avoided if you live in the Pittsburgh area:

55 Tall tank (prefer local pick up) black wooden stand included. No chips/marks in stand, tank is clean but I would clean it anyways.

AquaticLife 4 lamp (has night LEDS) T5-HO. Includes two working white lights, two blue coral lights are burnt out. LEDs works. Has a built in internal clock so it automatically turns off and on whatever lights you want.

CPR dual bak pak 2, includes everything needed. Powerheads work and nothing is wrong with the unit.

Vortech MP40w ES. Works perfectly. What else to say? The best you can get. Includes everything that came in the box.

Fluval 306, everything is not included in this filter except new in the box bio funnels from fluval. This was a fantastic filter, very quite. I had to throw away the foam, and tubes but those can be purchased on amazon for a small price. (Doubt you'd want those anyways)

Aqurium heaters, 2x 250w 1x200w all 3 are in working condition.
Asking 20 a piece for the 250s and 15 for the 200.

Sabon refactometer. Works never dropped includes calibration reagent.

LIVEROCK. I have two 5 gallon buckets with live rock in them. I'm assuming none of them could be used unless cured again. And since shipping would probably be insane I would prefer local pick up only.
60 bucks per bucket. (Bucket included)
Aqueon glass top. With plastic backing cut for my tank.

Marine land maxi-jet 1200 and 600. 1200 is brand new 600 is used in the water mixing can only.

Hydor circulation wave pump 1400gph
Used in mixing bucket

Freshwater/saltwater API master test kit.
20$ each

I rest of the items are various adds for my tank that I never used. Someone talked my wife into purchasing this items when I wasn't with her for the local trip to our pet store for dog food, and she walked out with 20 bucks worth of adds. Pictures with the items will be included, ask if you want them or so, I might just include these with a listed item in the box. Items are priced based off of how long they were used and in what application. Like I said, any questions please PM me, I will reply back when I can during work and after. Also, if you would like more information or pictures of a item you like, please ask I will take as many pics as you like and try to answer any question.

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Yep. Just pm

Sorry to everyone who's sending me messages. I'm trying to get back to you guys ASAP, work is insane as of late.
Inbox has been cleared since it was full. Remember that not all offers will be turned down! I will have no use for this stuff and I wish for it to be used by someone in the hobby not just collecting dust!

I have a Paypal sent up, please email me your email for PayPal so I can send out invoices and can get your shipping out right away!

Thanks everyone!
Guess the protein skimmer never got posted. Sorry for the delay!



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Update that the tank and stand now reduced to 200 bucks, willing to drive to anyone within the Pittsburgh are, also willing to ship at buyers expense. Thank you!
(2) 36" T5 HO 39W 420/460 Lamps (1) 36" T5 HO 39W 700+ Lamp (1) 36" T5 HO 39W Purple Lamp (3) 1W Lunar LED`s
Oops, that didn't go over well. PM me I'll give ya more details
Still have a lot of stuff!

Mp40 sold
Hydor 750 sold
Salinity gauge sold
Fluval 306 sold
Master saltwater kit sold
Marine land maxi jet 1200 sold
Just found and forgot all about this one! Asking 9 bucks for the book plus shipping. Book does not have any damage on it. No highlighting or marking in the paper.

If you buy some of my other stuff, shipping is almost free!


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