Septic Tank....?

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Mar 21, 2006
Not really sure if this is the correct discussion topic....
Anyway, I dumped my water down the drain, into my septic tank. After I did that, I got to thinking that the septic tank has a cycle just like my tank. I am just wondering if this might cause a problem, in the tank. Recently I have been draining my old water onto my gravel driveway. I figured the SW would kill off the weeds and such growing through the gravel....Any suggestions?
I do not think your fish water is going to hurt your septic tank. You put alot of other harmfuls chemicals down there on a daily basis. Like the soap when you wash dishes, take a shower or mop the floor.
I now have a septic tank, and will not be dumping fish water down the drain, if for the simple reason that dumping it on the ground won't hurt anything and will save a few gallons a week from the tank.

This comes from when I was a kid. The house I grew up in had a septic tank, and I was always getting yelled at for taking long showers or not doing full loads of laundry.
I'm using it now for weed control on my driveway...Not too sure of the salt content is enough to kill weeks...
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