Sexy Shrimp - associate with anemone?

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Jan 22, 2004
British Columbia
My Sexy shrimp is currently standing in the middle of my carpet anemone. Is he in peril? Or is normal for them? So far, the anemone hasn't reacted and the shrimp seems ok...
Sexy/squat shrimp (Thor amboinensis) are actually a species of anemone shrimp. Quite normal.

Yes...I just googled him and read that they enjoyed anemones. Good good. I've added a photo to my gallery if anyone wants to see him perched in the anemone. (pending approval...)
Cool pic. Do the fish bother the sexy shrimp? The LFS guy here told me that you should not put them in with fish since the sey shrimp are so small. I think they would be cool but I do not want one to be dinner.
Sexy shrimps are cool. Mine tried to hang out in my BTA's but my clowns don't like to share, so the sexy kicks it in my torch coral.

Some fish will eat sexy shrimp like a six line wrasse. My ocellaris and percs never took much interested.
I have only a small yellow tail damsel and a larger convict damsel. So far, they show little interest in the Sexy Shrimp.
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