Shopping list to upgrade my 29 to high light. :-)

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Oct 15, 2004
My wife gave me the green light to go ahead and upgrade my tank. 8)

Here's what I have so far:
1) 2X65W CF Satellite Fixture (going to start with one 65W on, then overlap the lights as I get better)
2) Fluval 204 to replace my biowheel so I can add CO2 later. (going to start with excel..then probably DIY later)
3) Eco complete (don't need iron because of the substrate right?)
4) Potassium (Already have excel, flourish, nitrogen, trace, phosphate test kit as Tap water has phosphate)
5) glass canopy

Do I need any filter media that isn't include in the fluval?

What about GH control? My tap water is only about 3 degrees.
Looks great. Don't worry about controlling GH unless you see Ca or Mg deficiency.
You have all you need, plus the go ahead from your wife! Guess you could be doing worse things, think thats why my wife dosn't complain! You are wise to add your light gradually. If and when you fire both lights on, things will speed up dramatically. Your plants will take off and deplete ferts much faster, makes you a busy boy! I am at that stage now.. It's lots of fun and the by-product is a beautiful tank! Hopefully! With all the good advice from the folks around here you can't go wrong. I got my first planted tank in January this year and am totally hooked. Got 4 now!
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