Side hanging aquarium lights

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Jul 4, 2023
Hi everyone,

Looking for some recommendations on how to hang lights on the side of my aquarium. I'm growing seaweed on coils if that helps.

The trouble I am having is that I need to be able to move the lights toward/away from the tank to adjust my light intensity as needed. It won't be great distances but they will need to be adjustable. I do not have much room on the table on either side of the tank so I'm looking for something top-mounted that can support and adjust the lights. If that even exists! Otherwise, I'll be rigging up my own contraption.

Here is the link to the lights that I have:
Im getting some weird message about the link blocking me.

Hmm weird. The lights are from Lumenco. They're not very heavy, and they are square-shaped lights. I believe 2 feet by 2 feet. I'd estimate they weigh about 5lbs?
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