Single strong flow PH vs. Two with less flow

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May 26, 2006
Basically I am trying to decide if it would be better for a tank to have 2 power heads that have a higher flow rate (Maxi jet 1200) versus maybe 4 power heads that have less flow (Maxi jet 900). I have a 75 gallon tank that I plan on keeping corals and I already have one maxi jet 1200 but before buying more PH's I thought I would run it by all of you that might have an opinion on the topic. Appreciate your replys!

There is no golden rule to the number of PH's to place in your aquarium. The important thing to remember is, are they reaching all parts of the tank and eliminating dead-spots. Generally this is a trial and error process, because the placement of your pumps, as well as overall aquascape, will be factors in determining dead-spots.

To answer your question though is difficult, you may be able to create the appropriate flow with 2, but it might be tricky. Do you have a sunp with returns that can be used to direct a custom flow?
I don't have any corals, but I have read some posts on here that people have PHs on timers to keep the flow "random".
One thing to think about is the heat generated from multiple powerheads. It will add up in the end. A 75 is big, but not that big. Those things do put off heat. That said, water flow is the key, and random is better. I strongly recommend the wavemaker powerstips for this size tank. They are not expensive at all, but they only do 3 of the 6 outlets on the timer.

I run 3 maxi-jet 1200 on the wavemaker powerstrip on my 100 gallon, with one more lower-flow PH way down in the tank, in the back of my LR that is always on. So, I have four like you are talking about, but they are not allways on at the same time - usually only 2 at a time, and they are almost all the 1200s. I have NO dead spots, and the water is very brisk and random, thoughout the tank. I would look into using the more powerful PH and the timer powerstrip, I love the results I got with it.

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If it were me I would go with three MJ 1200s. I currently have three, plus a 900gal/hr return pump from my sump.
Thanks for all the input! Im going to pick up another MJ 1200 and see what that gives me for dead spots. How do you all stand on flow direction? Pointed at the glass, pointed toward each other, ect?

Point at glass gives me best results with MJ 1200, but it all depends on your LR and whatnot. Just do what you have to do in order to eliminate dead spots in there. I wouldn't point one of these PH at any animals, unless they were a couple of feet away from them and like strong current. Not much out there likes strong direct current, anyway.
Chaotic flow is best. Also, make sure you point at least one so it is breaking the surface of the water. this will help with gas exchange.
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