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May 14, 2009
When i purchased a 98 gallon half circle aquarium back in January, the LFS threw in a brand new in box Seaclone 100. Currently cycling the tank with 125 lbs of Live Rock, but the in sump Skimmer is very loud.
This is my first "Serious" saltwater setup, and am contemplating whether to fork up a couple hundered on a better one, or should i just change pumps? Anyone have any good advice on in sump Skimmers? Would it hurt the cycling process by switching out? Are those wet/dry filters with the skimmers already built in any better?

Im open to all suggestions and comments.
The seaclone is by far not the best of skimmers. I had the same one, took it back and paid the different for a super skimmer 65g. (yes, another waste of money). In my opinion, upgrade. The skimmer already comes with a decent pump if im correct. There would be no harm in switching any out. The wet/dry filters would do you more hard in the end. The bioballs become a nitrate factory, and can catch small organic matter in them. If you are serious about this, I would look into building your own sump. I'm not sure if you wanting corals or not. Don't get me wrong, a sump & wet/dry filter are NOT needed. But they are very nice additions. It will house your ugly equipment, and also be a filtration system of its own if you setup a refuge.

I am building one myself. The tank (30gallon long) ~60, the return pump ~90, glass baffles ~20, overflow kit ~90. Depending on what you buy, and where you buy it from you may get a variation of prices. However that $200-300 dollars worth of equipment is the same exact thing a wet/dry is, and will not cause nitrate issues in the end. Also in many wet/dry filters there isnt much room for skimmers and heaters. If you want to buy one, lifereef has some VERY nice setups (expensive too).
Throw the SeaClown in the trash. It's not worth the plastic it's made out of. Look into an Octo MSX 200. You won't get a better skimmer for under $300.
Whats the diffrence between the OCTO msx 200 and similiar reef Octopus skimmers?
Anyone have any reference to Bubble Mangus Skimmers?

I had someone advise a Coralife Skimmer, but have read only a few posotive reviews and moslty negative reviews.

for a 98 gallon fowlr what would be a good number to aim at as far as capable gallons?
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