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Jul 22, 2006
San Francisco, Ca
My next purchase is my skimmer. If I do not have a sump, what would be the best bang for my buck? I am looking for an efficient, effective skimmer. I don't mind spending money,but still have ALOT of things to buy. If it's too complicated, it's not for me. Any brands to avoid? Features to insist on?
I've heard the best reviews about the Reef Octopus and also the CPRs.
I bought a SeaClone for my 90g fowler, mostly because of cost.
It seems to pull some junk out, but it's my 1st skimmer so I don't know what to look for.
But now a coupling is leaking, and from what I've heard around here I just ordered a Reef Octo. BH2000.
I have the reef octopus bh100. Its an awesome skimmer. At first i had some trouble with it, but it was mostly my fault because i didnt put the air-hose on it to create the bubbles that trap the proteins. But after that everything worked fine. 5 Minutes ago i just cleaned out the collection cup. It was filled with murky water and disgusting thick crud lol. Its working A OK and i would recommend it to anyone who wants a HOB skimmer.

P.S. I thought it broke once, but the only thing that was broken was my brain xD
I was looking at the BH1000. It was suggested for up to a 90g tank.
I have a 90g but decided to go w/ the BH2000 rated up to 125g or something. 20 bucks more...why not
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