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Nov 9, 2004
Sweet Home ALABAMA
I went to my LFS last night and saw this SKILTER 400 PROTEIN SKIMMER / POWER FILTER running on every one of their SW tanks. I wanted to get one for my 75 gal,but not sure how good it really is. I'm using a FLUVAL 404 canister for filtration, and two PH right now. So will it be good to add this skilter for skimmer purpose? Thanks in advance for any infos.
I use a skilter 400 on by big qt tank. It does a decent job. I'm sure there are better hang on skimmers out there. I'm not familiar with them as I have an in sump skimmer on my main.
IMO, its a good filter, average skimmer at best. I wouldn't use if full time on your 75 gal. Get a better one. :wink:
The Skilter, although it's a decent filter, is a very inefficient skimmer. The Aqua C Remora Pro with a Mag 3 is the way to go for a 75g tank. It isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for. The Remora offers simplicity of design, low maintenance, high efficiency, and excellent longevity. IMO, it's the best HOB skimmer on the market today.
I agree, I bought the AquaC Remora and am glad I got it and so will you.

It costs a little more but I am more than happy with mine.
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