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Nov 29, 2004
Las Vegas, NV
ok, I know on my new tank I'll need a skimmer, so its going to be in the 20-25 gallon range... so what type of skimmer should I get? I've noticed those skilter things are crap, or so everyone says so thats out of the question. I'm ready to spend, but i just need to figure out what to spend it on :)

is a bak-pak too big ?

will you be putting a sump/fuge on your new tank? Deffintely gives you more options if you will be using a sump as it opens your avenues to in-sump skimmers as well as HOB skimmers.
There has been debate about overskimming a tank and whether one should skim a tank at all. But when a tank is new or when there are algae problems, "size" always helps.
well I don't see using a sump.. atleast not for this.. its still a little small imo for a sump.

so maybe just a HOB skimmer
good luck with that. You'll probably have to modify it to get decent skimming, and from what I hear it needs constant adjusting of the airflow/collection cup.

I would have gone with the CPR bak-pak.
I bought the new and improved seaclone and it works great. Just give it a few days to get broken in. Once I have adjusted just right I have not had to do nothingeles...Good luck!!
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