Small tangs?

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Feb 20, 2011
Are there any tangs that could fit in a 37g with 2 ocellaris clowns and a bi-colored blenny? Or even a 37 at all?
No I'm sorry :( The minimum size for a tang is 75 IMO and that would just be for a smaller species like a Tomini or Kole. But there are a few dwarf angels that are absolutely beautiful like the Coral Beauty or the Flame that could do very well in your tank:)
Ok but would i be able to put 2 blue chromis in a 37 with my 2 clowns and my blenny plus a cleaner shrimp,peppermint shrimp,some hermits and snails and about 35 lbs. Of live rock.
You'd be ok with three chromis IMO. All of those fish have very little bioload and do not require daily feedings. From what I've heard, schooling fish do better in odd numbers. But it all depends on your filtration. How much LR and mechanical filtration do you have?
About 35 lbs. Of LR and a filter graded for a 40-70 on my 37 and a pretty good power head and good lighting so u think this will work?---2x ocellaris clownfish. ----------1x bi colored blenny. ----------3x blue chromis. ------------cuc--- one cleaner shrimp,one peppermint shrimp, a few hermits, and a few snails plus mabey a small starfish----------37g with 2" sandbed, and 35 lbs. Of LR and good filtration/circulation/lighting-----------please can a few people approve of this stock list cuz i dont have it yet im setting it up soon... Thnx!
I think your tank can handle 3, but it's up to you and whatever look your going for.
I'd probably hold off on the starfish though, I've found them hard to take care of and if you get a sand sifting one they can easily strave under the sandbed and decompose. :-(

i also think 2-3 would be fine on the chromis. Your other stock on the list isnt very large so it should all fit. But then you most likely can't add anymore than what you've listed.
Thanks guys i want to try to understock a little and i was planning on only one so ill stick to 2 and be happy with it and carey ill follow ur advice and not get a star but that dosent me i wont be hoping to get a small one in my live rock as a cool hitchhiker lol! So again thanks!
It wont be set up till around january so ill prob have a set up post thing!
I think you have a awesome stock list. Beautiful fish. 3 cromis is a good idea to I love schooling fish I have two and they are cool in a 30gal
Thanks ive been working on it for months cuz i want a good looking,highly compatible and cheap stocklist
I missed a page - lol, sorry tired - I have (3) chromis (had 4 till this morning) - but, yup fun to watch them swim together.
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