so what would be good?

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Feb 5, 2005
Houston Texas
So if I'm looking for a 48" x 4 retro fit power compacts. What wattage should I go with so my water won't die to quickly and will still look good?

And what site has cheap retro fit lights?
water won't die to quickly and will still look good?

What do you mean by this? Light has no effect on water quality. Meaning that better lights will not give you better water quality. You can, however, change the color of your lights by using different bulbs. If you like the bright white look, you'll want to go with something around 4200K. If you like the bluer look, you might like a 10000K-20000K bulb better. 50/50 bulbs will give you a happy medium in between.

Does this help?
Ahh. Well yes, warmer water does evaporate faster than colder water, but it won't suck your tank dry. I lose about a gallon of water a day in my reef tank, that has powerful PC lights and no top on it. It's just a matter of topping it off. If that is the case though, and you are losing alot of water, you are also probably heating up your water quite a lot. When you put stong lights on your tank like that, you have to make sure you have adequate air circulation as well.

well this is the specs on my pendant it is about 1 foot and a half above my tank

150W 10,000K HQI Double-Ended Metal Halide Lamp
Retractable Lamp Cord Extends from 9" to 56"
External Remote Ballast
Mounting Kit Included
9.5" X 27" (27 inches refers to the vertical clearance including space for the light, cord at its minimum 9" length and ceiling mount)

and boy does it burn water like no other...
And is your tank an open top? Makes perfect sense for your evaporation. You just have to top the water off daily, or every other day to fix that problem.
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