Something growing on my rock

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Aug 12, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
I recently cured some new LR (there's a thread about it here: )

I used some of my old LR to seed the new stuff, and it was kept in a dark trash can in the garage for over a week while the rock cured. When I put everything back in the tank I noticed something growing on the seed LR. I took some pictures. What is this thing?
it looks like it is just regular diatoms ... common in a new tank , and will burn them selfs out in a few weeks time ... if they dont you may have been hit with the dreaded dinos ... a real pain but judging by the age of the tank just diatoms :D
can you clarify what you are requesting ID'd are you wanting the brown stuff ID'd ? If so I stand by my ID :D
Is this what you want ID'd?
Adam, if it's soft then it's a sponge. If it's hard then it's dead coral of some sort. Do you notice if anything extends from the holes in the body of it. Like little animals or tenticlels?
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