soory so many ?'s but got 1 about seaweed

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Oct 3, 2004
connecticut usa
which type f fish eat seaweed? do clowns yellow tangn royal gamma bicolor angelyellowtail damsel or auriga butterfly fish eat it????if any of them do is it safe to get the seaweed that floats to the top of the ocean and near shore?
I know the yellow tang does, and I think butterflies too. Best thing to do is clip a piece in there and the fish will tell ya. My clown tries to eat it too, though I think he just tries to be in the middle of everything :wink: .
Go to the store and get nori.... sushi wrap and this will be fine for them to eat. Cheaper then the LFS kind.
the tang and angles should eat it
Another favourite of Tangs and Angels is Macro Alage like Ulva ("Sea Lettuce"), purchased on eBay or in an online shop somewhere. I haven't seen many LFS with it.
nope. at least a 75 or 100[/quote]

actually i did my research and it said a yellow tang can go into a 55 gal i also went to the LFS and asked and they said the same...all the research i did said the smallest the tank could be is a 30gal
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