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Sep 2, 2003
Rochester NY
HI !

If anyone is interested or a newbie gearing up (like me), the HD in Gates had 12-15 bags of Southdown at 5.99 per. This was as of 2pm Sept 3.

I haven't checked mine since i made my purchase but the HD in buffalo (hamburg) by the mcKinely mall (there's about 3 HDs withing 5 miles of each other here) that had OldCastle (southdown) sand all summer long. They are likely running low by now.
sorry, haven't been looking lately. next time I'm at HD (maybe this weekend) i'll wander into the garden section and look. (and boy is THIS a late reply!) :?
BillyZ - Thanks. No need to look. I went on a hunt a while back and found some sand locally at KMart that is now in my tank. Thanks!

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