Sponge filters and diy driftwood

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Sep 3, 2017
I have two questions.
First, is a sponge filter enough for a 5 gallon and a betta? Because i thought it was only for biological filtration.
Second, if I get a piece of wood or a branch from a nearby tree, can I use it in my tank, is it safe, and if so, what do I need to do?
Yes, a sponge filter is fine for a five gallon Betta tank. Be sure to cycle the tank. As for adding driftwood. Only dead hardwood branches. I scaped a tank using Crepe Myrtle and Red Bud tree limbs. Good luck. The pictured plant was an unknown variety I got from my neighbors pond. Good luck.


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Hardwood non toxic trees would be the first choice. Finding sone DW from a river may be a good choice.

A dead tree or even shrub preferably one not in the grass in case of weed and feed which is systemic and can be taken up into the shrub or tree, also in an area that isn't sprayed by the landscapers/ground keepers or next to a agricultural field where they get over spray and drift from herbicides and pesticides. You get the idea.

I even found a rootball section from a dead young tree which was an awesome find.

Soak it and add Prime to help neutralize toxic residue.

Also remember that the Betta has flowing fins and caution must be taken to sand down any sharp edges and avoid tiny pointy branches he can snag the tail or poke an eye or body in a startling situation.

also DW is available at the lfs from the reptile section from reputable companies like zoo med, from ~$6.99 -14.99
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