SPS coral chart

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Feb 10, 2011
Southern Maine
We have begun a chart of SPS corals as an easy to read reference for aquascaping our aquariums. Do you have any suggestions? Any helpful suggestions or constructive criticism is welcome and greatly appreciated as this is an ongoing work in progress.


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Good start! The only thing I would say is that its really hard to compare all the different light types (CF, T5, MH, LED, etc) in one realm like watts/gallon. Each light has very different lumen and par output, and even the bulb manufacturer can make a huge difference. I wouldn't ever say X watts of CF = X watts of TF = X watts of MH.

That being said, if you were just going for a general information quick guide. I think what you have is great. If you wanted to go above and beyond, you could include some more information about different light types.
Not like we all have a par meter, but that would give us a great way of determining the amount of light from any source.
If there was an accurate chart with actual par #s for all or at least most coral I would likely invest in a meter. Love the idea that would help the hobby greatly. Include pics of the corals, actual names, common names, lighting requirements, flow requirements, aggressive characteristics, and notes about each one ( such as special feeding requirements) .
A search function would be great as the list will become very large.

Love the idea!!!! I'm follower for sure!!
I have a Apollo PAR meter and use it whenever adding or moving a coral. Takes some of the guess work out of accidentally bleaching corals.
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