For Sale or trade: Star Grass

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May 26, 2011
My star grass has taken over my tank. I have no room for mor clipping in my smaller tank. So, I am selling it(otherwise it would be getting thrown out).
Just pay shipping $4.95(flat rate shipping box) or will trade for red cherry shrimps.

(will get a pic posted tonight after kids go to bed.)
I can get one more box out with this trimming.

(these are from my smaller tank-last weeks trimmings)

Just got done trimming it. I can get TWO more boxes out of these clipping. I will wait till Monday, if no one wants the rest they will have to be thrown out. thanks
In my small tank(29gal) they are growing great with the F20 Aquarium and Plant light from Wal-Mart(thinking just like a reg stock light). I have no CO2 in my tanks.
where in wisconsin do you live? I am just out of duluth mn . I am new to live plants in my tank so need easy low light to start with. and these are pretty. Approx how many come in a box ? I am really thinking of getting some . are they low growing front of tank plants ? sorry for all questions
I am sorry the posting I just did was meant for lily ( ) someone that had plants for sale think they were called star something. sorry I am new on here and now sure what I am doing . I wrote my questions out and they ended on my site crittergal so if lily ( ) from wisconsin see's this my questions are for you sorry folks
Sorry oops this was also sent to wrong thread sorry but hey do let me know if u do have any more trimmings available whenever please sorry to post it twice last one was meant for other post.
question about star grass

hi lilymay I know you ran out of the star grass awhile ago but wondering if you will have anymore in the near future before the snowballs start flying around mn/wi I dont have paypal dont know anything about how it works so do many on here ever take money orders `
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