Star Polyps and PhosZorb, help please

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Nov 12, 2003
Springfield, MO
Has anyone running phoszorb had any reaction with their star polyps (Clavularia Viridis)? I was running phosGuard and when I found that it was known to leach out Aluminum Oxide I switched to phoszorb. I had about an hour between pulling the phosGuard and installing the zorb and in that time the stars closed up and haven't come out since. I think that maybe when I pulled the guard bag it emptied some nasties into my water. I did medium water change today in hopes that they would come back out, as the mat still looks colorful and healthly. I just wanted some input from other phoszorb users. My other corals and inverts are healthy, fully extended, and appear indifferent. Thanks!
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