Start of my first saltwater tank

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The new skimmer is here. I can already tell this thing is going to be amazing


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Ready for rock and sand which should be here today or tomorrow, after a long process dealing with .
Good choice on the skimmer. So far I've had mine over a year now and I love it. I have mine hanging on my sump.
thanks thats very helpful...I do have 1 other question. About how far below the surface is your intake ?
Found it lol... Here:


I would say the water level is about an inch and a half above the top of the intake cup...

The little white plug on your air tube is not permanent and really isn't needed at all... Take it out of the tubing and put the black exhaust piece directly onto the tubing.
Ok thanks. great pics that puts things into prospective for me. Should i use the sponges at all ?
It's a very easy skimmer to set up... I'll get a couple better pics tomorrow, there's 1 or 2 tweaks to help with operation and reduce micro-bubbles in the tank. I would do it now, but I have a 63 lb bulldog holding me hostage because he's sleeping...

Yes they will reduce microbubbles. I trimmed my down a bit so they weren't as big...
thanks you have been a huge help. I know what you mean by being held hostage, i have an 88lbs Dalmatian that thinks he is a lap dog. Are you running fowlr or reef, and how long has your tank been running
Ok i would love to talk stocking. I was thinking

1 or 2 smaller clowns (for my daughters)
2 pajama cardinals
and maybe something else would love ideas/opinions
would also love a peppermint shrimp or fire shrimp and also a cuc but have not researched what snails are best so some input would be great as to what everyones opinions are. Thank you for input head of time
PJ cardinals are boring IMO they just kinda float there. Check out a dottyback's... They cruise around the rock and are awesome to look at. Theres always gobies too (lots to choose from) that are cool, and are good color splashes... I would check out live aquaria dot com for some
I love the gobies, My wife the picky 1 says they are ugly lol... the purple stripe and the sunrise dottybacks are really cool. I like the green mandrians as well but i heard that are reallt picky
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