Starting a community tank. Looking for compatibility.

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Mar 17, 2022
Ok so my Panda platty gave birth and I didn't realize she was pregnant. I put her in a heavily planted tank I made cause it was empty at the moment and now the fry seem to be doing well with very little meddling from me. Watching them swim around and surviving while barely doing anything made me wanna try breeding nano fish. So I'm preparing a 15 gallon community tank. Right now it has a couple of Showa swordtail in it which I'm planning to move since I've been told by a friend that I buy guppies from that they always decimate all the fry's in his community tank and he started having better luck after he removed them.

So right now I just got some Dwarf Rasbora that I wanna start with and possibly add some to my shrimp tank just so mosquitoes don't lay eggs in them.
Some fish that I wanna add are Celestial Pearl Danios and Lamp eyes. Are they compatible? Or are there other better shoaling nano fish? Other fish I was thinking of getting, a pair of PKBM or a pair of Lyretail Killi, Pygmy Cory and 2 Kuhli loach. I'm kind of hesitant about the Kuhli since my goal is to make a habitat where the fish can breed freely and comfortably and the Kuhlis might just eat all the eggs.

For the plants I'm looking for suggestions for low tech and possibly maybe low light plants. I have some natural lighting that comes from the window and an LED that I can use. I have some extra Bacopa and guppy grass that I can use which I've tried in a tank with very minimal light exposure and surprisingly did very well. I also have some parrot feather but it needs strong lighting if it isn't getting natural sunlight. What about Anubias? Will it be ok in low light?

Next I'll be adding some seed shrimp in there. And maybe some cyclops, if I can manage to find some again. Also if I just aged the tank and poured a lot of Daphnia in there will they survive and maybe procreate? The seed shrimps in my other tank seem to be doing well since the fish can't eat the adults cause their shell is too hard.

I'm preparing the driftwood that I'll be using and trying to make sure they have a lot of hiding spots and places I can hang spawning mops. I also have a bunch of java moss that I can use cause I read that infusoria grow on them for the fry. Is there anything I need to watch out for or do so I can make their habitat more comfortable so they can breed without worries?
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