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Sep 2, 2014
new jersey
hey guys I am new to this sw hobby my boss gave me 55 gallon hexagon with stand so I deciede to start this build with my son I ve been reading up for about 2months now I think iam ready I have 90gal protein skimmer, 2 800powerheads 2 1200 powerheads (they were on sell as a unit) 30lbs caribean Fiji pink livesand 12lbs miracle mud 28LBs of Fiji live rock stuff looks awesome all types of stuff on it RO\di 75gpd api master kit just need heater (which I have 1already from fw tank but I cant tell the temp on the thing ) just ordered refractormeter.Do you guys have any suggestions on tweeking this or am I good And can I put the miracle mud in first then live sand
You need quite a bit more rock. I would start with at least 60 lbs, and you will probably still want more. Next, I have never heard about putting miracle mud in the display tank. I would research that and make sure that's what you want. If not, you look like your off to a great start!
Yup, not sure about miracle mud and agree more rock would be better. Here is a hot tip though, make sure your rock goes in first and put the sand around it. Makes the scape more stable...

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